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Specific Goals (FOS)

The lecturers for French as a foreign language (Français Langue Étrangère) are also trained in the various specialist areas, which are summarized under the name Français sur objectifs spécifiques (FOS). Specifically, this means that we can design the course according to your specific needs, e.g. French for law, business, marketing, hospitality (tourism, hotel industry), medicine, and also French for history, art, literature.

For your job, we work with you on the practical aspects of the written and oral communication language so that you can use it quickly and effectively. We would be happy to prepare you for the various diplomas and certifications in French:

  • Le Diplôme de Français professionnel (DFP, diploma for a specific professional branch)
  • Le Diplôme d’Études en langue Française Professionnel (DELF Professionnel, more oriented towards general French with a professional orientation)

These diplomas are particularly suitable if you want to work in a company that uses the French language as a working language also prepare you for a job interview and written applications in French.